Monday, October 29, 2012

Personalised chalk canvas

Friends, chalk canvas' are here! Choose your colour of chalk, canvas size and personalised text!! Large (23inch x 17inch) below. Get ur orders in!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome Rosettes!

Super DUPER excited to welcome rosettes to My Sister and Me!

We have added to our little business rosette stud earrings, rosette necklaces and rosette headbands! Will post photos of these in different colours as we start designing & making!

Love, Elsie

Sunday, September 16, 2012


reaaaly excited to introduce these new items to MSAM!

/rosette earrings
/canvas art
/beaded fabric necklace

can't wait to start making these pretty little things for our little business!



Monday, September 10, 2012

And then there were three

our 7 month old // 5 months at the time

Ava Rose Van Kuyl

September 7

so estatic about bringing jewelry into My Sister and Me!

//indie necklaces
//long scooped chic necklaces
//pretty & unique studded earrings
//scooped special earrings

excited to change the design of my spare room/sewing lair!

<3 mondays!


I love salvaging things. I really love it. Mainly because I endeavour to make something new out of it or do it up! Do you?

I’ve found this crafty book called ‘Zakka Style’ which is a compilation of 20 or so crafters around the globe with each having a project each! I’m a tad excited I must say! Ordered the book on Booktopia (totally recommend btw!) and it was like $8 cheaper than at Spotlight.
Got a few outstanding orders to complete for MSAM before I get started on these Zakka projects!
Please send me an email if you find any cool projects online/ideas!! We are always keen to add items to the My Sister and Me line!

If you’re unaware of what we do/make, here’s a list!
©        Heat packs (XL, L)
©        Door stops
©        Door sausages
©        Laundry door signs
©        Little baby/infant appliqu├ęd singlets
©        Necklaces
©        Earrings

In the future we are hoping to start making to add to this list...
©        Mummy’s apron
©        Plastic bag holders
©        Change mats
©        Cuppa placemats

Sophie and I (Elsie) are very super duper excited about our little small business My Sister and Me which has been ‘operating’ since April 2012. We have been to a few markets and also have a Facebook Page so people can make orders on there. If you would like to order any of the above, we do custom orders if you have a preference of fabric/ design and would love to hear from you! Please send an email to or alternatively you can post on our Facebook page at

Sending lots of love from My Sister and Me!!